Remote Maintenance

At FXFlat you will receive competent help tailored to your needs. With the programs listed below, our customer service representatives can quickly connect to your computer to solve your issue in the best possible way. With TeamViewer and GoToMeeting we can even offer you two programs with which remote maintenance will be possible.


TeamViewer is probably the most comprehensive software for remote maintenance worldwide. The program is characterized by its usability and many supported platforms. No matter if you use Windows, MacOS, Android or iOS, remote maintenance will be possible via TeamViewer.

Please follow these steps:

  1. Click the blue remote access button →
  2. The download of the file will now take place. After the successful download the program can be started
  3. TeamViewer will then start. Please tell the account manager the ID and password to start the connection


GoToMeeting is a well-known software for video meetings, which is also used by FXFlat for webinars. Due to our many years of positive experience with GoToMeeting, we are happy to continue to offer you this option.

Follow the steps listed below to start your call-up via GoToMeeting.

Take the opportunity to receive individual help from our client support. By letting the supporter log onto your screen, you may find a quicker solution for your questions together. In order to start the meeting, you need to put in the meeting ID provided to you by phone or email.

What to expect next:


If you arrive before the organizer, you'll see a window confirming that you successfully connected.


When the session starts, the GoToMeeting control panel will appear on your screen.


Use these icons to manage your participation.

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