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All costs related to trading Futures, CFDs and Forex at FXFlat can be found on this page.
FXFlat is applying highest importance to transparency and best trading conditions. Our employees are ready at your disposal for further questions 24 hours each trading day!

Furthermore the cost calculator enables you to calculate and comfortably overview costs before you place the trade.

Cost Calculator

Account fees

Account Management Free-of-charge
Telephone orders Free-of-charge Desk Hotline: Free Hotline: 0800 - 0393528; International: 00800 00393528
MetaTrader , WebTrader & MobileTrader Free-of-charge
iPhone, iPad & Android App Free-of-charge
Realtime prces & news Free-of-charge (News via MetaTrader Plus)
Capital gains tax Instant withholding tax for profit trades if customer is liable to German taxation
Tax certificate Free-of-charge
Loss statement Free-of-charge (upon request)
Inactivity fee None. In case of inactivity: Credit posted back to the reference account after 30 days


Deposit and payout by bank transfer Free-of-charge
Deposits by PayPal, credit card, instant transfer, iDEAL,Skrill and many more Free-of-charge

Deposits are posted in the currency in which the account is managed. Additional fees for the conversion may therefore be incurred. More information about payment solutions: Payments

All CFD Products

Open free of commissions
Close free of commissions
Minimum fee None

Only the spread is incurred. Please note that spreads are not fixed. Spreads may vary during volatile market periods or outside regular trading hours.

Financing Costs

No financing costs are incurred for CFDs on raw materials (futures-based)
No costs are incurred for CFD positions bought and sold intraday
Long and short positions are calculated on the basis of the Alternative Reference Rates in the respective currency with a spread component additionally (+/-) 3%

Dividend Compensation Payment

On the CFD account, long positions receive a dividend compensation payment on the ex date.
Long positions in index CFDs receive between 100% of the dividend.
Long positions in GER and NL equity CFDs receive 100% of the dividend.
Short positions are charged with 100% of the dividend.

Please see the contract specifications for details.


The following terms and conditions for futures trading apply per contract per page (half-turn). The volume scale is valid per calendar month.

Conditions per contract up to 10.001 contracts Margin from
EUREX Micro Futures €0.80 €0.80 €30.00
EUREX Futures €1.90 €0,90 €50.00
EUREX Future FDAX €1.90 €1.50 €4,000.00
STOXX Europe 50 €1.90 €1.50 €340.00
CME Micro Contracts €0.90 €0.90 €60.00
CME E-mini Contracts €2.90 €2.50 €230.00
CME Micro Bitcoin Contracts €5.90 €5.90 €1,550.00

Please see the contract specifications for details.

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